for the love of lavender

A look into the life of a lavender farming family.

Location: Yamhill, Oregon, United States

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

early morning harvest

I so enjoy the summer mornings during the lavender harvest season. Going out early to the lavender fields. The bees just waking up as the sun covers the lavender with its warmth and diffuse light. Before the full activity of the day begins. While time itself is still waking, shaking off the haze of darkness.

Harvest is both a time for joy and sorrow. As each lavender plant gives up it's bounty the fields change from seas of intense color and heady fragrance to the orderly landscape they become the majority of the year. Little green mounds all lined up in a row like obedient little soldiers. Rows of green just waiting for the chance to bloom again next year so they can be robbed of their offering once more. And yet, year after year they offer up thier bounty again and again.

In truth, the beauty of the lavender fields do not completely go away. Their beauty just transforms from the spectacular colors and fragrances of fresh ripe lavender to all the beautiful things we can make with the harvested flowers. Still beautiful, still fragrant. In their processed forms - everlasting. For the love of lavender...
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